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Science Ncert VI • Chapter • 2 • Summary

CHAPTER -2 ‘COMPONENTS OF FOOD’ What do different foods contain? The major nutrients in our food are named carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. In addition, food contains dietary fibres and water which are also needed by our body. There are many types of carbohydrates. The main carbohydrates found in …

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Science Ncert VI • Chapter • 1 • Summary

Healthy Food

CHAPTER-1 ‘FOOD: WHERE DOES IT COME FROM?’ There is a lot of variation in the food eaten in different regions of India. The main sources of our food are plants and animals. Animals which eat only plants are called herbivores. Animals which eat only animals are called carnivores. Animals which …

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Science Ncert VI • Chapter • 4 • Summary

Chapter – Sorting Materials into Groups Objects around us are made up of a large variety of materials. A given material could be used to make a large number of objects. It is also possible that an object could be made of a single material or of many different types …

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Science Ncert VI • Chapter • 3 • Summary

Chapter – 3: ‘FIBRE TO FABRIC’ Variety in Fabrics There is a variety of clothing material or fabric, such as, cotton, silk, wool and polyester. A fabric (cloth) is made up of yarns (threads) arranged together. Fibre Fabrics are made up of yarns and yarns are further made up of fibres. The thin strands …

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