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India & China joint training exercise, Hand in Hand

India & China joint training exercise, Hand in Hand.

What is Hand in Hand? Hand in Hand is India China Combined Military Training Exercise that commenced on 12 Oct. This was the fifth joint counter terrorist exercise. Participating troops from both sides had trained together and learned from each other in mixed groups on Basic Individual Skills (combat boxing, …

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String of Pearls • Meaning • Policy Implications

Chinese String of pearls

General Meaning String of Pearls  is a strategic move that involves establishing a series of nodes of military and economic power throughout a region. Each node is a “pearl”, enhancing the overall power of the parent nation. This strategic relation moves in an excellent way to enfold a greater area of …

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Sri Lanka’s Hambantota Port • String of Pearls

Hambantota Port, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s view Hambantota port is not part of a Chinese ‘string of pearls’ to surround India. Chinese investment in the Hambantota port is a purely economic one. The government had long insisted that the port development project was first offered to India and when there was no reaction, they …

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Arctic Council • India & China Case

Arctic Council India China Case

Introduction It is a known fact that the melting of the Arctic sea-ice is offering both opportunities and challenges for the international community. The opportunities accrue in the form of newfound oil and gas deposits, unexploited marine living resources and shorter shipping routes connecting the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans. …

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