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Indian Arctic Base Himadri • Facts & Location

Indian Arctic Research Base – Himadri Station in Spitsbergen, Svalbard, Norway

Few facts about Himadri Station Himadri is India’s first Arctic research station located at Spitsbergen, Svalbard, Norway. Himadri is located at the International Arctic Research base, Ny-Ålesund. Himadri station is operated by National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research. Himadri station was inaugurated in 2008. A look back into the past Indian …

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Astra Missile • Features and Significance

Astra BVRAAM missile

In yet another series of development trials, Astra Missile was successfully launched from Chandipur, Odisha on Friday to validate its reconfigured propulsion, control and guidance systems. Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) scientists said Friday’s trial was only a rehearsal. Astra Missile was successfully test-fired from a ground launcher on and the missile …

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Ladakh to get world’s largest Solar Telescope

The Solar Telescope project set-up cost is Rs. 300-crore. Chief investigator of the project is S. Siraj Hasan, the former Director of the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore. The solar telescope could come up either at Hanle or Merak village near Pangong Lake in Ladakh. Features of the telescope The …

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BeiDou • Chinese GPS

Background China began building the BEIDOU network to avoid relying on GPS (GPS is not a general term, though we use it generally. It is the US system of satellites that provides data about global positions to users First satellite for the BEIDOU navigation system was launched in the year …

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Parliament Panel suggestion GM crops dismissed

Genetically Modified crops

Background Permission has been given to private companies to conduct field trials of GM crops such as cotton, corn and maize in Punjab, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat. The government has allowed commercial cultivation of Bt cotton, while moratorium has been put on Bt brinjal. Parliamentary Standing Committee (PSC) on …

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BrahMos Missile • Features & Significance

IN NEWS Supersonic cruise missile BrahMos scored once again in its 34th launch on Wednesday off Visakhapatnam, hitting a decommissioned vessel with accuracy. As it took off vertically from a naval warship, reached an altitude of 14 km, levelled out and started cruising at three times the speed of sound, …

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Agni-I Missile • Features and Significance

Agni-I Missile

Indigenously developed Indigenously developed by DRDO the missile is already in the arsenal of Indian Armed Forces and was launched by the Strategic Forces Command as part of training exercise to ensure preparedness. Background Agni-I was first tested at the Interim Test Range in Chandipur in 1989. Instead of developing a …

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