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India & China joint training exercise, Hand in Hand

India & China joint training exercise, Hand in Hand.

What is Hand in Hand? Hand in Hand is India China Combined Military Training Exercise that commenced on 12 Oct. This was the fifth joint counter terrorist exercise. Participating troops from both sides had trained together and learned from each other in mixed groups on Basic Individual Skills (combat boxing, …

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India-Russia Annual Summit 2012

Background This year marks the sixty-fifth anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between India-Russia. India was the host to this year’s 13th India-Russia annual summit. Russia is a valued friend of India. India-Russia reviewed the ongoing developments in Afghanistan, and agreed to work together against threats posed by extremist …

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Asean & India • Past, Present & Future

To mark the 20th anniversary of the ASEAN-India dialogue partnership and the 10th anniversary of ASEAN-India Summit-level partnership, India hosted the ASEAN-India Commemorative Summit in New Delhi on 20th-21st December, 2012. The theme of the summit was ‘ASEAN-India Partnership for Peace and Shared Prosperity’. Past India declined to get associated with ASEAN …

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Arctic Council • India & China Case

Arctic Council India China Case

Introduction It is a known fact that the melting of the Arctic sea-ice is offering both opportunities and challenges for the international community. The opportunities accrue in the form of newfound oil and gas deposits, unexploited marine living resources and shorter shipping routes connecting the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans. …

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