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Welcome to ExamGK, a portal on GK (General Knowledge), General Awareness, Current Affairs, Current Affairs Quiz for aspirants and general readers. Quality content on Current Affairs & GK (General Knowledge) is provided along with Current Affairs Tits-Bits in the form of Quizzes to help the aspirants and general readers gain definitive insights on a topic of relevance. ExamGK delivers both factual (Current Affairs & GK Quiz) and subjective (Current Affairs Articles) content so that aspirants and general readers gain overall in-depth knowledge over a subject. Below is a brief description about us & on various sections to help you navigate easily.

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Who we are & What we do?

We are a team of current affairs curators. We help readers remain aware of the current happenings around them. We are especially helpful to all the student community as we aggregate the current affairs required by them for their examinations and provide them Current Affairs detailed articles as well as Current Affairs tits-bits. We offer Latest Current Affairs & GK for Competitive Exams. Current Affairs & GK quizzes, latest Current Affairs & GK, Current Affairs & GK magazines, daily Current Affairs & GK, weekly Current Affairs & GK, monthly Current Affairs & GK, yearly Current Affairs & GK for IAS, PCS, SSC, Banking, MBA & all other competitive exams. Find Current Affairs & GK Quizzes, Current Affairs & GK E-Magazines, Current Affairs & GK videos and more.

How we do it?

This website has been primarily divided into the following major sections for your reference:

In this section we have divided the Current Affairs into the following categories: World | International Affairs, National | Indian Affairs, India & World | Bilateral Relations, Economy, Environment, Science & Technology, Social (Health, Education, Welfare Schemes etc.) . Other important sections have been covered under Topics  which can be found in the top menu of any page.

This section caters to the quizzes related to Current Affairs, General Knowledge (GK) & News. This section is especially helpful for those who want to test their knowledge for Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ’s). This section is especially helpful to those appearing for UPSC, State Civil Services, SSC, IBPS Bank PO and various other examinations and also to an avid reader of Current Affairs and General Knowledge (GK).

This Section helps understanding the Basics/Backgrounders collected and then summarized from various sources like NCERT’s, ICSE Books etc. as the editorial staff deems fit. This sections is helpful for it has summary of various chapters from NCERT, ICSE and notes from other sources to help Bank PO, SSC, UPSC, State Civil Services, PCS aspirant or a student preparing for their CBSE or other board examinations.

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There has always been a sense of quality in the products that we deliver. The decision was difficult but we decided that we should have such a website that is responsive to the various types of screens it is opened on whether a mobile phone or tablet or a desktop. With such a herculean task at hand we decided that we should enhance the speed of content delivery for this information website. To provide quality and then quantity prompted us to do the following:-

  • We are now using images highly optimised to bring their sizes as low as 2kb by using various ‘lossless optimization techniques’ basically image compression techniques.
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  • The website can primarily be read like a message just scrolling up-down only & still showing you the same content as it is as is available of the full website.

About ExamGK

ExamGK is an enigma. We all understand fully and recognize dearly the need of an instrument, a tool, a something that truly had the capability lifting us above and beyond our souls to such a height where everything can be seen and appreciated from a macro-level and hence could be analysed in true light, away from imbalanced opinions and prejudices. We all know “DESPERATE TIMES call for DESPERATE MEASURES” and examgk.com is a strong and powerful initiative in this direction to help you rise not only above anxiety but also start believing in yourself. We strongly feel that there arises a need for honest, sincere and motivated people who are able enough to understand the problems of society and will collectively work hard towards a common goal of making things in the life of our global community better and more meaningful. It is giving direction to this goal of a SOCIALLY HEALTHY society, we need the right people manning the right and Omni-powerful chairs of ADMINISTRATORS of tomorrow. In this era of fierce competition when only winning matters, allow us to cerebrate for your kind. ‘ExamGK’ as a Current Affairs, GK & News Notes initiative brings to you the most useful information in the most colloquial and lucid writing style. In the INFORMATION AGE, we not only gather but also expatiate with the Information so one does not lose time finding what is relevant. Through this UNIQUE venture, we wish you all success.